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I am in the process of relocating my business from our current offices in Levittown to 740 West End Avenue on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The timing is hindging on some work that needs to be done in the new location. A wall put up by the last tennant that divides the front room into a OK sized one and a tiny one that would be completely unhelpful to me and which hides a part of a radiator and one of the front windows needs to be removed and a door in that wall needs to be relocated to help form one 14 ft x 14 ft room. The Real Estate company handling the rental called me today to give me the name of the contractor the building owner uses to describe the work and how we want the office painted. The office in Levittown is at 3000 Hempstead Turnpike, third floor with two elevators Suite 305 about 620 sq st and we are moving into 550 sq ft or so. There is an elevator in Levittown and we are on the third floor. There is an elevator in the new location but we are on the first floor so it does not come into play. But, the first floor has two entrances. One on West End Avenue which has a few steps up to the lobby and our new office is to the left as you enter the lobby. There is a side door off of West 96th Street that is accessible through a courtyard that has a few steps up into the same lobby and there may be a few steps or a short ramp down into the courtyard.

I went out to the Levittown office on the weekend to see what I can discard and not have to move. I was too overwhelmed and do not have the energy to weed through things long distance. What I do know that has to be moved are the following:

1 - Library Table made of wood and featuring a metal grill the fill length and height
1 - Wooden Credenza
1 - Small Wooden Computer table on wheels
1 - small wooden dining room table (seats 6) with 5 chairs.
1 - Large executive desk chair metal base and leather upholstery
1 - 5 foot long Oak Roll Top Desk circa 1882 which can be disassembled loaded with files and my little treasures.
1 - 3 ft x 7 ft tall set of wooden book shelves loaded with books
1 - 4 ft x 2-1/2 ft tall set of wooden book shelves with books
1 - 3 ft x 4 ft tall set of wooden shelves with misc electronics and books
1 - metal two-door supply cabinet filled with office supplies and misc items on top
3 - copy / scanner/ fax machines - 2 are operational one is ???
3 - 4 ft x 7 ft tall set of wooden book shelves loaded with books.
1 - 4 ft wide x 2 ft deep x 3 ft high (nominal) art paper and art supply set of wooden drawers.
1 - Wooden Coat Rack about 6 feet tall x 20 in x 20 in nominal
1 - Metal Office Desk 4 ft wide x 30 in tall x 25 in deep (nominal)
1 - Desk Chair
2 - Office 2-door Supply Cabinets 3' ft wide x 40 in tall x 18 in deep (nominal) filled
1 - small refrigerator 25 in x 25 in x 25 in (nominal)
1- 4 drawer metal file cabinet filled
1 - set of wooden shelves 15 in deep x 36 in wide x 4 ft tall with misc items on the shelves
1 - L-shaped Glass and Metal Office Desk (no drawers) with desktop office related equipment
1 - Office desk chair metal on wheels
30 - various sized framed paintings and prints
20 - pieces of sculpture and treasures located atop the book shelves
1 - wooden trash basket under desk type
3 - Plastic trash baskets
storage room:
1 - office desk metal with office chair
1 - closet full of family photo albums, boxes of family photos, boxes of files,
6 - empty luggage items of various sizes
1 - set of golf clubs
1 - golf dragging cart
20 - framed pieces of art
10 - four and 5 drawer metal office file cabinets filled with 30 years of records.
1 - set of metal & wood HD shelving units 4 ft deep x 8 ft long x 6' tall w/boxes of mat samples.
1 - set of metal & wood HD shelving units 4 ft deep x 8 ft long x 6' tall w/rolled up mats & large mats samples..
2 - sets of metal & wood HD shelving units 2 ft deep x 4 ft long x 6 ft tall w/boxes of mat samples
8 - rolling skids with various boxes, product samples, misc supplies
200 - envelope size boxes filled with mat samples located on top of the file cabinets.
5 - computer stations including screens, towers, UPS units,
1 - small TV set
1 - set of metal shelving 3 ft wide x 2 ft deep x 6 ft tall filled with boxes of mat samples
8 - rolls of matting of different types and sizes up to 6' tall x 18 in x 18 in light weight material







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